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What clients are saying about Spatopia Massage!

Enjoyed my massage with Natalie. She seems like she is adept at deep tissue massage. Staff was friendly and professional.
- Rob M.

Best massage i've ever had. I had a back pain most likely associated to working out and lifting kegs at my job. She got right in there and made my back better. I was literally healed in a day after that massage. I had the pain for a week and even went to the chiropractor. She hit the spot perfectly. Thank you so much for making me feel better.
- Francis M.

Excellent experience. Both my girlfriend and I enjoyed our massages from Sharon and Natalie. It was my girlfriends first professional massage and was nervous. Glad to say she loved it and Sharon did an awesome job finding out exactly what kind of massage was needed. I was also very happy and have already bragged to a couple of friends about your store. Good bang for the buck and we will definitely be back on a regular basis. Glad to have found you guys.
- Mike S.

I really enjoyed my Swedish Massage with Katie. She is a very good Massage Therapist. It was very relaxing.
- Craig

I was very satisfied with my massage yesterday. Melanie was excellent. She helped loosen up my knots. I left feeling great. I'll definitely come back again!
- Allen A.

It was WONDERFUL! I am a court reporter & I sit majority of my neck & back was all stiff & tense...I left there feeling like a "BOWL OF JELLY. Thank you!
- Vee B.

Excellent experience there on Sunday. Rosie was fantastic and receptionist was also very welcoming. Thanks.
- Mike S.

It was a very nice experience. the young man that did my massage (Mark?) did a wonderful massage...very strong and thorough. Thank you and looking forward to my next visit.
- Sharon P.

Natalie is the best massage therapist I've ever had. She gets out all of the kinks and knots, even the ones I didn't know I had! The massage industry needs more therapists like Natalie. She is one in a million.
- Joshua R.

Rosa was outstanding! She used just the right amount of pressure. I like deep tissue, but I've also left some deep tissue massages in more pain than when I came in. Her pressure was perfect!
- Elena N.

I loved the service & everything about my massage experience at Spatopia. I could have had a longer session, would I come back, yes I would. My masseuse was very nice also. It was a good part of my visit to Ft. Lauderdale. I'm not back in New York & will be searching for another Spa very soon!
- Sharon H.

Katie was great. She did a fantastic job on my back and really enjoyed the neck, head and face work she did. Music was relaxing and room was very comfortable. Might come back this week yet!
- Patrick T.

Hi Sharon! My massage was amazing!! I was referred to Spatopia through one of my former coworkers at Mankind and being a massage therapist myself, I can truly appreciate the relaxing atmosphere, your friendly employees, and especially my therapist Robert! The pressure was awesome, communication was great, and I don't feel like a single muscle was missed!! Very pleased and I will most definitely return!
- Arielle M.

I enjoyed my 50 minute massage, wish I would of had time for an 80 minutes! I, will definitely be back, and I really appreciated the last minute reservation! I usually end up trying to book a massage the same day I can fit it in!
- Amy

Jamie was terrific. She was pleasant and did a great job ! Definitely will go back next time.
- Mark B.

Yesterday was my first visit to Spatopia . Christina was my therapist and I cannot stop ranting and raving about what a great massage I received yesterday. I will be making consistent monthly appointments with Christina. I appreciate the reasonable pricing, without a membership. I'm glad I tried your spa, my massage was fantastic!
- Robert G.

Wow...Bill was/is fabulous! His techniques got right to the stress points in my shoulders...what a relief! I will be al regular customer.
- Michele G.

I had a great experience and my massage therapist was fantastic.
- Adam D.

I had the best experience at Spatopia! Diane was amazing and made me feel really relaxed. The staff was also wonderful and very friendly, especially Alina :) I will definitely be coming back!
- Veronica V.

I really enjoyed my anti-aging facial! The reflexology foot massage and scalp massage was the icing on the cake! I will definitely use Spatopia for future pampering! Thank you.
- Holly H.

It was an amazing therapeutic Massage with Marsh the best message I ever had. I've already told two people how great it was. Thank you!
- Iris S.

Natalie was and is the best massage therapist I have ever come in contact with. I was EXTREMELY pleased with the experience and intend to come back VERY VERY soon! Thanks again!
- Rachel C.

You run an excellent business with good people up front and providing services. Everything was clean and professional in every way. Sharon provided my massage and facial. She was superb. I appreciated the 15% discount. The price point and the quality of service helped insure a return visit.
- Jeanne D.

The massage was wonderful, the place was very warm and inviting. Staff very friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely be back for more. Thanks again.
- Cindy W.

AMAZING! Amber was my therapist and I must say out of the 100 or so massages Ive had she was at the very least top 10. Thanks!
- Brian C.

We truly enjoyed our facials and massages. Both were very relaxing. Ruth and Sharon were professional and they are great at what they do. We will be back.
- Kristina and Joe P.

I think that the service was great. I have a membership at massage envy and plan to cancel it and just come to you guys. I can never get in unless I call a week or two before. Sometimes you don't know your schedule until the coming weekend. Thank you for your great service and getting me in ASAP. It was wonderful!
- Brittany A.

It was the best massage I've ever had! Scott was wonderful. The location is perfect and the facility is clean and welcoming. Looking forward to my next massage and booking a facial.
- Kim D.

Our 3 massages were great ... nice ambiance and really nice masseuses. Thank you again.
- Norma V.

Thank you so much. Yesterday I had a European facial with Rosa and I wanted to stay forever. Very relaxing, I even fell asleep. I was very impressed and even scheduled another facial for March 7th. My skin felt great last night and is glowing today. Thank you again, have a great day.
- Sarah G.

I was given a gift card. My massage at Spatopia was incredible. Jose was fantastic. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep. I didn't want to leave. the only problem is that you are too far away for me. I live in Hallandale, which is right next to Miami. However, I would come on a Sunday because a lot of time when I want a massage, Sunday is the only day I have. No place around here is open on Sunday. Next time I will do the 80 minute massage also. I've been disappointed too many times with massages and so I didn't want to pay the extra for 80 minutes. but I will next time.
- Lorraine V.

I had a great session yesterday the girl who did my massage was great! I will definitely be coming back for another one.
- Vanessa M.

My therapist was Natalie, and she did an excellent job responding to my massage needs. Although I selected an express massage, it didn't feel like one, and I was completely relaxed when it was over. I will definitely return and will be looking for Natalie. Thanks for offering excellent, therapeutic massage services at an affordable price!
- Millie L.

It is with pleasure I give you my feedback in just a few words as to how my experience at Spatiopia was. Absolutely outstanding!! I came in yesterday in significant pain. Wasn't sure what else I could try to help alleviate it. Helma (I may be spelling her name incorrectly, not sure) identified the pain points instantly. I emerged at the end if the hour in much less pain. Outstanding!
- Jeff S.

Karin is an amazing and delightful person. The massage given was excellent and she paid attention to details such as my troubled areas of tension ands knots. The music chosen was calling too. The from desk person was very nice friendly and informative, good energy plus the facilities was clean and peaceful. Thank you I will return for future visits.
- Anthony T.

My experience with Jose was amazing! I came in with my neck in pain and walked out like a new person. I am hooked and will be back to visit in the near future. Thanks again. I love to support local businesses.
- Paul C.

The Deep Tissue 50 min sec. that Ms. Rosa gave me yesterday was great. I feel a lot better today. I will be on business traveling for a period of time, when I come back, I definitely will come and have more of D.T. massage from Spatopia Massage.
- Oahn M.

I came with my girlfriend and had the best time. Kat did a fantastic job on my Shellac and the best pedicure ever. My girlfriend enjoyed her facial as well. We will definitely be back for more.
- Ichele Z.

Thank you Sharon. Exhilarating. My massage was awesome. Matt worked out some mean tension. I feel a million times better. Looking forward to the next time.
- Bob F.

Karen did massage for me, she is the best! She is a wonderful worker, she has extremely good karma spiritually too. I very was fortune to find her. Thank you so much Karen, God bless you.
- Vida D.

I had a fantastic deep tissue massage at Spatopia yesterday. Thank you and my wonderful masseuse! I hope to see you again in the very near future, and will recommend your services to my friends and colleagues.
- Richard M.

I've been touched by an angel, she has wonderful hands. I loved it and will be back.
- Maria N.

The entire experience was absolutely excellent. Matt is certainly worth the drive ! I really do look forward to my next massage late next week. Once again , thank you.
- Frank B.

I had a wonderful experience! The facilities are great and I felt really comfortable. I have had quite a few massages.. and I think this massage was one of the best ive had. I usually get the same 60 minute massage..same techniques everywhere.. but the masseuse did a few different things and I loved it!
- Jessica J.

I had a wonderful massage and was in desperate need of one. I would definitely come back.
- Patricia M.

Loved the message. Diane was fantastic. Definitely plan to make another appointment for December with her. Thank you!
- Kathy M.

My experience was fantastic. Nice, soothing facility, friendly staff and EXCELLENT deep tissue massage by Karen. I left there feeling fantastic. Thank you so much. Look forward to coming back.
- Vance Z.

Matt was awesome! The experience was wonderful and I enjoyed every bit of it.
- Karina K.

The massage with Jose was of the best I have had. He did a great job and I have recommended your place to several people already. See you soon.
- John A.

Thank you so much Spatopia!! Christina was awesome! She was polite, strong, and relaxing. I should have booked the 90 min deep tissue instead of 50 because she really knows how to get in deep without losing control. After 4 days of surfing, ATV's, zip lining, walking, and dancing in Costa Rica I was hurting pretty bad all over. Today I feel like a million bucks! I can't wait to set up my next appointment with Christina.
- Fernando M.

The massage was wonderful. Mark did an amazing job and I feel like a new person. Thanks so much.
- Carol H.

The massages yesterday were perfect, just what we needed. Thank you again.
- Philip B.

My massage was excellent and Dianne was very attentive and knowledgeable. I wouldn't hesitate to return!
- Neil W.

I had a really fantastic experience at Spatopia the other evening. The reception area was welcoming and everyone was wonderful. The service itself was fantastic- the music was wonderful, my massage therapist Marcus had an excellent touch and was very in tune with my breathing throughout and I left feeling calm and relaxed. This massage was exactly the break and recovery I needed this week and I look forward to returning to Spatopia. Thank you for everything and hope you have a pleasant week.
- Lauren C.

Incredible, mind-blowing, SPECTACULAR! (you said a few words; 3's a few). Natalie hit the major spots so well I went home and fell asleep I was so 3:30 in the afternoon; she is now my new best friend and I will be returning soon. Thank you again, Natalie is wicked awesome!
- Mary F.

My massage was unbelievable!!! Bill was great I wished it never ended!
- Maureen R.

Had a relaxing and much needed massage yesterday. Bill gives a great massage. Looking forward to coming back again soon!
- Jill S.

The massage I received was of the best I got! I highly recommend this place!
- Saida A.

Mollie was great. An excellent massage. I was very happy with the experience overall! Thanks.
- George B.

Hello!! I had my first facial ever yesterday with Sharon and it was amazing! I can't wait to come back :) Thank you.
- Nina R.

Good Morning, I had the pleasure of visiting Spatopia on Federal Hwy. this past Sunday. My wife set up an appointment for a massage for herself and asked me if I would like to get a massage as well. I opted for the therapeutic massage (with Natalie). Upon entering your establishment we commented on the general atmosphere which is very peaceful and relaxing. The massage was excellent, I was asked if there were any areas that needed particular attention or that were giving me difficult. She started with a head and face massage then worked my upper and lower body both on my back and front. She worked every muscle and really bore down on the problem areas. By the time that she was finished I was thoroughly relaxed and felt fantastic. I would recommend Spatopia and Natalie whole heartedly.
- Rick D.

Thank you so much. Today's massage was the best I have ever had. I have already told some friends about it! Thank you so much and be sure to let my therapist know how much I enjoyed the hour.
- Jane S.

Thank you so much Spatopia!! Christina was awesome! She was polite, strong, and relaxing. I should have booked the 90 min deep tissue instead of 50 because she really knows how to get in deep without losing control. After 4 days of surfing, ATV's, zip lining, walking, and dancing in Costa Rica I was hurting pretty bad all over. Today I feel like a million bucks! I can't wait to set up my next appointment with Christina.
- Fernando R.

Diane did an awesome job, I love it :)
- Lisbel F.

We had a great session as Kat did a wonderful job!
- Salvatore M.

Everything was wonderful, away right now but when I return I will surely need it.
- Nadine B.

Natalie was great and overall wonderful experience!
- Kathleen C.

My experience was great. When i went in my neck was killing me... I explained my issues to Natalie and when i left there i was feeling great! I will def be back. Thank you!
- Jessica M.

Really enjoyed my Spatopia experience! From the very patient and lovely lady at the front desk who was most helpful in spite of the fact that I couldn't access my Groupon to Renee's amazing massage -- one of the best I've had (and I have had quite a number of them). It was a wonderful experience, I will definitely be back! Thank you for offering the Groupon, I probably wouldn't have found you otherwise.
- Cheryl T.

Hello Sharon, I want to personally thank you for giving me a great massage the other day. I was very pleased with the services durign my session. I would definitely like to schedule another appointment this weekend if possible. Thanks a lot!
- Thomas A.

I really enjoyed my massage. It was the first one I have ever gotten and it was definitely helpful. Marcia was great and I want to come back in the next week or two. Thanks.
- Matt G.

Everyone was so nice, my facial was wonderful. I will see you again soon. Thanks for a lovely experience!
- Marsha P.

Experience was great... Thank you.
- Jennifer D.

My experience yesterday with my men's facial session with Kat was amazing. Easily, best facial session I have ever had. She took time to explain everything, and was very detailed and thorough in her work. I would definitely consider doing it again.
- Luis A.

One f the best massages I've ever had (and I get them often.) I appreciated the range of motion, stretching, and focus on my spine throughout the massage. The aromatherapy was a great touch also.
- DJ H.

Marsha was GREAT! She really listened to what I wanted, which is rare! I felt so much better after the massage. She was really lovely.
- Morgan O.

Phyllis was great. All of my requests were honored and she addressed the issues with neck and shoulders. the studio was clean, quiet and soothing. Definitely will be one of her regulars going forward.
- Alicia B.

The massage was great! It was nice to know that they can target certain areas. Prices are very competitive as well.
- Carly A.

I really needed to relax once I got in from Pennsylvania, I'm glad I chose Spatopia, it gave me the opportunity to relax before attending my cousin's wedding. The massage was EXCELLENT!
- Raven E.

Good massage, nice atmosphere, good price, will visit again.
- Patrick E.

Thank you very much for my facial yesterday. Rosa was very good. It was one of my first facials and it felt so relaxing and comfortable. The staff were extremely friendly and welcoming as soon as I walked in. Thank you again and I will see you soon.
- David L.

Thank you so much for accommodating us last night. It was a great surprise for my husband as a treat on our anniversary. The therapists were professional and very good, the booking process easy and the location clean and well maintained. I felt the pricing was a good value.
- Chantell

The Deep Tissue 50 min that Ms. Rosa gave me yesterday was great. I feel a lot better today. I will be on business traveling for a period of time, when I come back, I definitely will come and have more of D.T. massage from Spatopia Massage. Thank you.
- Oanh M.

I loved it (Mark) did my massage and it was great. I will definitely be back :) Terri W My wife and I visited Spatopia's Symphony location on vacation and loved it! She had a facial and I had a massage. Both were excellent. The staff was friendly, the location in the Symphony was gorgeous and the prices were unbeatable. My wife said her facial from Kathleen was excellent and my massage from Renee was great. We can't wait to go back!
- Stephen P.

This place is great. Their schedule is as good as it gets - open 7 days a week, 10am to 10pm. The staff is friendly and accommodating. I got a massage from Dianne. She is very sweet and her massage was incredible. I felt 100% better, she worked on every muscle and really impressed me with her knowledge, skill and kindness. I will be back for sure.
- Inna S.

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