Desert Spa
Desert Spa soaps are exquisite aromatherapy soaps based on ancient Bedouin formulas, made by hand the old way.
The Secrets of soap making from the herbal flora of the Israeli desert have passed from father to son for generations.  Using olive oil and medicinal herbs is the magical secret for solving various skin problems
The soaps contain more than 60% extra virgin olive oil and desert herbals such as Jointed Anabasis, Suaeda Asphaltica and additional wild plants, widely known for their medicinal virtues like Licorice, Achillea, Rue, Melissa and more. 
The drying process of the soaps lasts two months and is a natural cold process.
The Unique prodcution techniques enable the making of unscented fragrance free soaps, containing no preservatives, no hardeners, no  animal ingredients and no synthetic dyes.
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