Meet Lena Luckey

Art is the ultimate triumph of the human spirit.


Lena is a traveler presenting a travelogue through the faces she paints of people we find familiar in places we yearn to visit. Like a sculptor she reveals, but instead of chipping away, she adds pigments and materials with hand- and brush-strokes to bring the faces into textured relief on canvas. Doing so is a laborious birthing by which she supports their emergence into light and color, deftly conveying mood and emotion. For several years, Lena delivered faces in peaceful repose. Though many people think the images are of an enlightened being, they are not. They are the faces of every-person when we make contact with our essence, the penultimate place of peace. More recently, Lena has been channeling faces with eyes open. These faces are dynamic and awakened. They are looking out, not in. Projecting wisdom, confidence, and power, they engage the viewer actively. The faces of women embody fertility and the creative force; these are not women in a literal sense, but are figurative metaphors to the eruptive genesis of imagination. The faces of men embody clarity and the protective force; these are not men in a literal sense, but metaphors to the steady refinement of mastery. Evocative of people of the desert, these ambassadors of our collective inner realm implore us to recreate in our living the magic and mystery of our divine birth, in spite of—or more likely because of—our daily encounters with struggle. They remind us that beneath the surface we are all the same. They challenge us to harness our potent capabilities for the unselfish benefit of all, future generations especially. Lena’s inspired expression has brought international recognition, collector’s attention, and juried awards to her portfolio. Lena’s devotion to the human spirit leads her to diverse involvements with charitable causes across the face of the planet.

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