What clients are saying about Spatopia Massage!

I had a wonderful massage by Katie and left feeling renewed. Looking forward to returning in the fall.

John B.

My massage yesterday was wonderful. I loved the products. They were not greasy like many massage oils.

Thank you,

Heather L.

I had an awesome experience from the time I walked in the door until the time I walked out. My masseuse Aisha was excellent and accommodating. My highlight outside of the great massage was the heated bed! I will definitely be back. 

Thank you for everything Spatopia.

Angela H.

Probably one of the best massage therapist I’ve had in long long long time.... (been through allot.....and being a competing fitness competitor I know a good massage from an "ok" one)Not just the massage but the overall calmness and professional conduct was soothing and relaxing......loved it and will refer friends as well as I will be back

Thank you for such a wonderful experience

Mia N

It was a great experience. Diane is the best!!

Mary Lou G

It was the best massage I have had in years.. Rosa was amazing and so sweet and comforting... I really needed it and will be coming back very soon..


Jill C

OMG! Sharon gave me the best massage I have ever had. I would definitely refer friends and family to SPATOPIA.



Ethan A

I had a wonderful experience with Rosa and will return - everyone was so nice and she was terrific! Thank you for a relaxing experience!

Ann D

I was very happy with the friendly & efficient service given by the 2 therapists that I saw yesterday. The massage was great as was the men’s facial. Both my colleague & myself were impressed with the professionalism of both therapists & would gladly recommend your services to any of our friends. David & I were both very relaxed afterwards & it was a pity we had to continue working.

Kind Regards,

Darren B

I am 100% satisfied with my Deep Tissue Massage.

My body was not feeling well and muscles were tense. By the time I left Spatopia

I felt alive and relaxed, my masseuse was very friendly, professional, and excellent in her technique. I look forward to returning very soon. Thank you.


Warm Regards,

Saskia P

My massage was meant to work out some major tension in my shoulders. It was a good start for sure and Rosa was very attentive. I am coming back on Friday for a follow up. Looking forward to it!

Karen R.

Matt was great! Just what I needed.

Gerald A

I totally enjoyed the massage. The deep tissue work was very professional and I felt well afterwards. Being a very experienced woman in body mechanics, movement therapy, and therapeutic massage which I do myself, I can clearly state he was great. Thanks for creating a massage opportunity that doesn't break the bank. I will be back and will tell my friends and family here about your studio.


Regards Rickie M

Had "Betty" on Jan 18th, wife had Swedish. We were both very satisfied -

professional and excellent work by both masseuses. Will recommend to others!


Tony C

I had a very positive experience. Molly was professional and skilled. The deep tissue massage I received was one of the best I've ever had! I especially loved the music (Snatam Kaur) and would like to find the C.D. for my Yoga classes. I also appreciated the very convenient hours since I work late during the week and weekends. I am already looking forward to my next visit! You have certainly earned your name, Spatopia!


Rebecca A

My massage with Diane was GREAT! She was very knowledgeable in her craft. She explained everything to me in a soothing and calm tone, so I was able to understand how the human body works, and how massage therapy can help. Will definitely come back in the near future!!! Thank you!

Mary S

My massage was great! I was there last Saturday with my mother and two other family members, and we all enjoyed ourselves. My therapist was I believe, Matt, and he did an excellent job. We were only visiting the area but if ever we are there again, I will definitely consider Spatopia again.

LeTicia K

Had a great massage....very professional and the heated table was nice. Great oils-did not leave you feeling slimy or over oiled when I left. Reception was excellent. You have a great place and I will return after returning from Hong Kong. Great follow up too

Jeff S

I was very satisfied with my massage. It helped very much with my pain. Looking forward to my next appt.

Thanks Colleen B.

Melanie gave me an excellent massage. She not only has the perfect hands for massage work, but also the savvy knowledge borne of experience to find the right spots that needed special attention. Her genuine warmth came through as well to make the experience very satisfying.

See you soon.

Philip P.

The message was great thank you so much.  I am so happy to have been referred to you, and will definitely be making another appointment very soon. 
Heather D.

Hi Sharon,


Both Mike and I loved it there and will definitely be back again.


Thanks so much!



Hi there,


I thought the massage was great, the facilities were clean, the receptionist was helping and booking was straightforward. I don't live in Florida, but I'd recommend your services to friends and family.


Jill D.

Katie was great!! Very relaxing. Just what I needed.

Dan R.

I had a very pleasant experience yesterday. Katie was wonderful and I look forward to coming again soon.

Thank you,


Michelle G

I was very impressed with the Deep tissue massage I received from Rosa. Thank you very much.


Dianne was a great therapist and did her best to make me feel comfortable and engage me in light conversation.  

The massage overall was very relaxing, I wish it could have been longer, but all in all a great experience.

Thank you Dianne!  




Rachael A

I wanted to thank you for what a phenomenal service your staff provides. I have been to other places and was a little hesitant when I saw how reasonably priced your services are that I thought it might affect the quality of service I would receive however that was not the case. This is the first time I received a deep tissue massage where I was actually sore within hours. Meaning that this was the first time that a deep massage was done right. Tell Bill he did a wonderful job and that I was impressed. I told my job about your services so hopefully you'll be getting new customers soon.


Daisy H.

I truly enjoyed my massage...The person who gave it to me is very good and i will request her again...

I am looking forward to another massage.

Sandra B.

I loved the massage..Diane was wonderful - my expectations were exceeded.

I will be returning - thanks very much


Donna L.

I am speechless!  I had my birthday betty last night and it was AWESOME!  My husband had asked what I wanted for my birthday.  The one thing that I wanted more than anything was for all of the stress & anxiety & worry to leave my body so I could feel better and get a good nights sleep, and I told him that he couldn't help me with that.  BUT I WAS WRONG.  I had given him a Betty a couple of years ago for his birthday and, though I had forgotten about it, he had not. 


Rosa is a miracle worker.  She did an incredible job!  I can't thank her enough.


I came home raving about it, and he had a huge smile on is face and he said "See!!!  Isn't it great?.....  Oh and you can get me one of those anytime!" 


After the massage I was a bit dazed so I did not thank Rosa for what an incredible job she did.  I think my body was in complete shock from being without all of the stress & anxiety & worry - it did not know what to do.  I could have easily curled up on the massage table and just drifted off to sleep. 


Thanks again for such a relaxing & wonderful experience!!!

I really enjoyed my massage. Everyone was friendly and professional. They took

me right away. The massage was great. I will definitely be back. Thank you.

Mattia S

I was very pleased with the massage I had. Everyone there was very professional and the gentleman who did my massage was great. I will definitely be back and will try to get the same person again. Unfortunately I did not remember his name but I thought he did a fantastic job and was great!!


Shirley M

My massage with Katie was great.  She worked out some major knots or me.  The place was nice and clean and I'll definitely be coming back. 


Last Friday i came in so stressed out  from my job and got a massage from Phyllis.

She really did a great job on me and i walked out a new person.


Dulcy P

My 50 minute massage with Dianne was fantastic! I must say it was one of the best massages I've ever had and I will definitely tell people about it and return to see Dianne again soon.


Thank you,


Tanya B

This was my first time at Spatopia. My experience was wonderful. I believe I had Diane and she was great. I walked in very stressed and walked out a different person. I will definitely be back.

Jessie A


It was the best massage I have had in years.. Rosa was amazing and so sweet and comforting... I really needed it and will be coming back very soon..


Jill C

I found Rosa to be one of the best therapists I have seen- and I have seen over a 100. My friend Lina G. referred me and I will definitely return- regularly. Your place is unpretentious but clean...and very accommodating and friendly. I hope to meet you some time in the near future. Thank you and have an excellent week.




Glenn K.

I had a very good experience there and I plan to return for another deep tissue massage soon.

Thank you,

Debbie D

My much needed massage exceeded my expectations. Rosa was amazing. She did things with my muscles I didn't know they could do! I will definitely be back. Thanks again


Rachel L

My experience at Spatopia on December 24 was extremely amazing with Phyllis.  She is extremely professional and knowledgeable and I will certainly be returning on a regular basis to accomplish the massages recommended by Phyllis.  I was very satisfied with the service offered and I will be recommending Spatopia Massage  to to my friends and family.


I certainly enjoyed talking with you Sharon during my wait for Phyllis.  I told my daughter Michelle that I was very happy for the gift to Spatopia and I will be returning soon.  The Staff was friendly and professional, an asset to good customer service.  Job well done.



Beverley G

Comments: I had a wonderful experience getting a massage from Diane. She was

extremely interested in my aliments and worked my body great. For the first

time in months, my hips did not hurt the next morning!!! Can't wait to come



Kathleen O

The massage was truly good, very professional, everything was just perfect. Thanks to Rosa, she is great.

Sylvie B

Hi, Mark was great.  I feel a lot better.
My back was killing me for weeks, so glad I finally decided to make an appointment.

Brooke F

Massage was absolutely amazing. I came for my appointment right after work, exactly what I needed. I thank you and your staff for a wonderful experience. I shall return and spread the word.
Thank You, Brandon B

Thank you - it was wonderful - I loved the professionalism of Dianne and will definitely book future massages for both my husband and myself. :}

Melissa B

Dear Spatopia, just walking into the spa put me into a peaceful place the aroma the quiet just everything, this was just the icing, then out walked Diane. This is just the beginning of a wonderful friendship....what a wonderful massage, I still feel the effects and hope it continues till the 18th, thank you so very much.

Karen F.

Absolutely delighted! Sharon has magic fingers she was able to relieve my sciatica and also return feelings to my feet, which were basically numbed out for years, in just a 30 minute session.. I will be back!


Thank you for the great service,


Rolando G

I was looking for a place to get a massage on my day off and I naturally turned to yelp to help me out. I found Spatopia and I visited the Symphony location because it was so close to my house.  I was a little nervous because I hadn't gotten a personal recommendation but I decided to go for it anyway. Overall, I really enjoyed it and I felt like I got a lot of value for the money.  

Here are some of the notable highlights:

-Booking online was very easy. I prefer to make appointments or reservations online so it was nice that they offered it as an option.
-The hours were very convenient. I believe that they are open until 10 pm which is nice if you have a 9-5 job but still want to enjoy some spa time.
-I was a little surprised that The Symphony had so much security.  I had to show my drivers license at the gate, get pass, sign in at the front desk, etc.
-The free valet parking was nice.
-The only two people that I interacted with were the receptionist and massage therapist. Both of them were very pleasant.
-The massage was in a room for couples (two tables) and it was right off the main lobby. I was a little nervous that I would be able to hear people checking in outside or in the exercise room but it was very quiet and peaceful.
-The masseuse (Christina) made sure to ask me if there were any areas I wanted to avoid and she was great about working around my recently sprained ankle.
-The 100 minute massage was the perfect amount of time.  The masseuse did an excellent job from start to finish. I was actually kind of surprised since it's twice the time I've normally done for other massages.
-The masseuse did not try to sell me anything which was unexpected but nice.
-The price was right. Compared to other spas like Contour or Red Door, this place was a bargain!

I was pleasantly surprised with the experience and would definitely come back here again.

Megan J.

This place is great. Their schedule is as good as it gets - open 7 days a week, 10am to 10pm. The staff is friendly and accommodating. I got a massage from Dianne. She is very sweet and her massage was incredible. I felt 100% better, she worked on every muscle and really impressed me with her knowledge, skill and kindness. I will be back for sure.

Inna S.

I had an excellent massage with Christina.  She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and the massage itself was great.  She targeted all the right places and helped relieve some of my problem areas.  Thank you!

Maria T.

Mark gave me an excellent massage. It was a great experience, and a super value. I will come back for some more deep tissue work with Mark.




I had an excellent experience at Spatopia :) The staff was all extremely friendly from the second that I walked in. The massage itself was awesome and was truly relaxing. I would recommend Spatopia to friends and look forward to returning. 

Claire K

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and plan to visit again soon! The ambiance was fabulous, my technician was knowledgably and did an excellent job on my problem areas. I feel so much better today and cant believe how well I slept last night. I have already scheduled my next visit in 2 weeks, I only wish I could afford to do it every week! :)

Thank you!!

Ronni D

My husband and I loved it. Both of them did a great job! We would definitely come back!

Dianne C

Had great massage Mollie was excellent.
Thank you

Deb O

Dear Sharon,

 Just a note to let you and your staff know how much we both enjoyed our recent Swedish massage and facial at Spatopia. Both Melanie and Marcia had excellent contact skills, were sensitive to our personal preferences, and provided very high quality professional service. The environment was serene and relaxing from start to finish, and we will certainly return to Spatopia in the future… in fact… at 2:00 pm today!!

See you soon,

Bill and Ellen

I get massages on the regular and I came there for the first time the other weekend and had a session with Natalie and WOW - she was fantastic! I had come there that day because of being in pain and somewhere closeby where I live and she had methods that were exactly what I needed and ON POINT! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Brienne S.

The massage was one of the best I ever had! Bill was excellent!
Laurie C.

Mickel was an angel and it was a heavenly experience. I'll be back!

Donna M.

Very pleased.  Bill was great and I will for sure come back.


Lisa S.

Thank you Sharon for the wonderful gift of relaxation. You hooked me up with the right masseuse,  I believe his name is Mark. I felt comfortable and my skin feels silky smooth today. It was a very pleasurable experience. I look forward to coming back in soon. 


Nancy K.


My experience at the symphony was amazing my boyfriend and I loved it, it was very relaxing and I loved our massage therapist very kind and understanding of our concerns. We will defiantly be going back soon.


Jeanine S.

The massage by Marsha was fantastic. Not only did she have a great personality and was extremely customer focused, her skills were superb! I will definitely use her again when I am back at the condo. She is AWESOME!!!!

Yolanda J.

I have lived in one of the downtown high rise condos for nearly five years.  I had no idea that massage services were available at The Symphony.  I just ran across Spatopia by chance online when looking for a new place to go.  It is a great advantage to be able to just walk to an appointment.  My experience with Marsha was excellent.

Nancy W.

Whole exp. great from front desk person to Aisha doing great job on my back problem. Will be back!

Gary H. 

Hi Sharon,

I had a great appt yesterday - I only wish it were longer ! :) I had the half hour massage during my lunch time and I will definitely be back.

Many thanks again,

Margaret R

It was great. Dianne was very aware of my problem spots ad was able to work on the muscles and loosen them up


Thank You

Donna F

I had a wonderful experience. I especially like Marcia. She is wonderful and I plan on visiting your spa again soon. Thanks, Melissa E.

Robert was spectacular--he focused on my major problem area  and worked out the knots while still making sure every other inch of my body was fully massaged to my satisfaction. 


Salon atmosphere was very nice and soothing. 


Prices were reasonable and staff was pleasant, efficient, and courteous. 


An excellent experience and one I intend on repeating soon!

Anita B.


Marsha was fantastic. Had a great massage. Will definitely be back. Denise C

I just wanted to say that Natalie was amazing. I have never had a massage like that before and I would recommend it to anyone. You will see me again in the future.

David B

Thank you Sharon,

I had a nice experience at your spa...certainly it has changed since I was last there, which was right around the time it originally opened.

The cleanliness, decor and feel is superb.

Rosa was good and I look forward to visiting again next week.



Cyndi B

My massage was relaxing and enjoyable. It was nice to forget about everything for an hour and be pampered. Dianne did an excellent job.


Kathy C.

Amazing massage by Robert-- who was so professional and worked out neck and shoulder tension in ways I had NEVER felt in any other massage! He was quiet, which allowed me to relax-- but spoke softly when necessary. Use of hot towels and stretching also was outrageous! I can't believe the 80 minute massage like that was only $89! Nice atmosphere and good vibe in Spatopia! Will definitely go back again
Stacy F.

Donna was absolutely amazing. I felt so much better when I left the spa. Her hands were healing. 

Warmest Regards,

Wiltona W

Thanks for following up on my visit to Spatopia yesterday, it was a great experience.

 First of all, when I called I wanted to know if the spa catered to the ‘Big and the Beautiful’, the young lady immediately asked the staff if the tables held 300lbs, in which they do (thanks by the way). Big and the beautiful enjoys massages too.

Second, my massage tech, Natalie, is top-notched.  When we got to the room she asked me any concerns or any areas I wanted her to target.  Let me tell you, she did an EXTRAORIDNARY job, I had to give her a hug afterwards.  As she massaged, I could feel the blood flowing properly down my legs (I had an accident in my kitchen some time ago and I have a pinched sciatic). Let me tell you it was not pinched anymore when I left there.  I am drinking a lot of water because she definitely released a lot of toxins- Thank the Lord…lol. 

 My previous massage therapist moved back up home, it is great that I found another massage tech with great techniques. 

 I will definitely recommend this locations to colleagues, friends, and family. As I look forward to my next visit to Spatopia


Mary S.

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